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Drawing Animals

How to Draw Animals


Here’s 25 of my favorite animals drawings in my second step-by-step Drawing Book. Included are easy diagrams on how to draw a Bear Face, Walking Bear, Snow Bear, Bunny, Long Ear Bunny, Ugly Bunny page, Bush Baby, Scaredy Cat,  Cat Face, Sitting Cat, Folk Art Cat, Dog, Close Up Cow, Dubuffet Cow, Stegasaurus, Giraffe, Peacock, Reindeer, Turkey, Alligator, Mother Hen and Chicks, Owl, Rooster, Caterpillar, and Tessellation Bird.

This pdf file contains 25 projects, each with easy to read diagrams, and sample of finished art. You can see a preview of all the pages in the book HERE.

To purchase and immediately download this pdf file, click “Add to Cart” and follow the instructions. For more help, see my “How to Purchase” page.